The AHCAP Educational Conference is the only annual educational event dedicated specifically to healthcare administrative professionals. It provides targeted continuing education for healthcare EAs, delivered by healthcare experts. Session highlights include Leading Without Rank,  Avoiding Burnout, Finding Calm in the Chaos, Healthcare in 2021 Beyond COVID, the Skill of Minute Taking, Networking, Preparing for the Job Search, Self-Care with a Twist, Time & Stress Management, Creating A Workplace That People Will Beg to Work With and an AHCAP Member Panel.

Due to continued concerns for the health and safety of all members, industry partners, volunteer leaders, staff, and other stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 AHCAP Educational Conference will become the 2021 AHCAP Virtual Education Conference.

AHCAP’s Virtual Education Conference is an excellent value, with a reasonable registration fee, no travel or hotel costs needed, it provides a cost-effective source for continuing education. We will be using ExpoPass as our platform and more information will be made available in your registration confirmation.

We have a Justification Toolkit that provides everything you need to “make the case” to your manager for attending the AHCAP Annual Conference. Feel free to tailor these materials for your unique needs and the needs of your organization. If you need any other information or would like additional support, don’t hesitate to email AHCAP Headquarters staff at We are here to help you and look forward to seeing you at this exciting educational event!


The conference registration fee includes the cost of attendance at all sessions and networking functions and provides access to recorded content for 1 year.

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Tuesday, June 1 Tuesday, June 8 Tuesday, June 15
Tuesday, June 22   Tuesday, June 29

Agenda Details

Tuesday, June 1st    
1:00 pm ET Welcome    
1:05 pm ET New Member Orientation Get to know the members of AHCAP with an online orientation. All are welcome to attend.  
1:30 pm ET Break    
1:35 pm ET Networking for Administrative Professionals Networking is not just for job hunters and executives schmoozing at a cocktail party. In fact, the ability to establish and grow your network is critical to your professional success. Throughout your career, the genuine connections you make can mean the difference between true job satisfaction and feeling like you are spinning your wheels.
This workshop will include:
  • tips on how to create and leverage both my external and organizational network.
  • suggestions for networking online and face-to-face.
  • strategies to overcome small talk stress.
  • help to start building my elevator speech.
  • practice face-to-face networking skills through “speed dating” and ice breakers to help me be more comfortable with the process and purpose of networking.
Katherine Margard, OhioHealth
2:40 pm ET Break    
2:45 pm ET AHCAP Member Panel In this open forum, a diverse panel (one from a healthcare facility, a health system, and a state hospital association) will discuss a mixture of tips and topics. Lisa Featherston, Mercy Health; Ingrid Hamel, California Hospital Association and Bonnie Sanderlin, Sentara Albemarle Medical Center
3:55 pm ET Closing    
Tuesday, June 8th    
1:00 pm ET Welcome    
1:05 pm ET Healthcare in 2021 Beyond COVID Join Cassie Sauer, CEO of the Washington State Hospital Association, as she discusses the ‘new normal’ in healthcare as we move beyond COVID. Will more healthcare admins continue to, or begin to work remotely? What are the pros and cons of this possibility? Cassie Sauer, Washington State Hospital Association
1:35 pm ET Break    
1:40 pm ET Self-Care with a Twist 2020 was a year like no other. One thing we learned is that self-care is non-negotiable. What does self-care mean to you? Why it is so important? We will learn about different ways to practice self-care: connection, mindfulness, and gratitude – all with a fun twist. Margaret Evans, LPC
2:45 pm ET Break    
2:50 pm ET Finding Calm in the Chaos In the chaos of COVID-19, we are all experiencing more fears about the future, anxiety and overwhelm. Working and living with the stress and anxiety of uncertainty and frequently upended plans can leave you depleted, off-balance and looking for a way out. Allison Kinnear will talk about effective tools to get your resourcefulness and resilience back on track.
In this session, I will learn how to:
  • settle an anxious nervous system quickly & effectively.
  • navigate uncomfortable emotions so that I can return quickly to joy.
  • microdose self-care practices to keep myself nurtured and energized.
Allison Kinnear, Voice of Her Own
3:55 pm ET Closing    
Tuesday, June 15th    
1:00 pm ET Welcome    
1:05 pm ET The Admin’s Guide to Leading Without Rank Congratulations! You have been asked to serve on or lead a team at work. You have responsibility and deliverables, but no real organizational authority. Now what? Since the title was invented, administrative professionals have been vested with great power and unofficial leadership. Join Sandy as she shares informal leadership processes that allow you to lead without rank, up down and across the organization.
This program focuses on informal leadership processes that will allow me to:
  • capitalize on my power.
  • gain greater visibility in our company’s culture.
  • unlock tremendous leadership abilities using relationships, feedback, and team-building skills; and
  • use indirect influence to persuade others to act… without ever issuing a directive.
Sandy Geroux, WOWPLACE International, LLC
2:10 pm ET Break    
2:15 pm ET Workplace Culture: Create A Workplace That People Will Beg To Work With Inside every organization sits a Trojan Horse, filled with employees waiting to unload their emotional baggage and managers who behave in ways that trigger those employees into engaging in "scorched earth" warfare. And yet few, if any organizations, build into their risk management plans how to neutralize employee behavior that can level an organization with just a simple message on social media. You think it cannot happen to you, think again!
Countless leaders are being brought down each day and all of it could have been avoided by simply creating and deploying a pre-emptive strike plan designed to minimize the behavioral threats that are infiltrating your organization. If you knew that it was possible to avert a disaster, would you take the steps to do it? If you knew that failure could be avoided, would you take action to ensure against it? Do you want to run an organization that is a go-to place to work? Or do you want to lose talent to your competition?
This workshop will include:
  • unfair treatment at work.
  • unmanageable workloads.
  • lack of role clarity.
  • lack of communication or support from management.
  • unreasonable time pressures.
Michael Levitt, Breakfast Leadership, Inc.
3:20 pm ET Break    
3:25 pm ET Kahoot Game Join your fellow members for some fun! Each attendee will answer trivia questions with the goal of earning points for their team. Categories include television, Movies, Sports and Music. Each person will need two devices to play. Ideally, a computer to join the session and a smart phone to play the trivia game. You’ll need both devices (or two screens) for the best viewing experience. The team earning the most points wins!  
3:55 pm ET Closing    
Tuesday, June 22nd    
1:00 pm ET Welcome    
1:05 pm ET Time & Stress Management for Executive Assistants Today’s administrative assistant not only has routine daily tasks, but they also take on special projects, managerial responsibilities, and coordinate teamwork. Not to mention the unexpected and urgent things that come up each day. This fast-paced session provides realistic techniques for setting priorities, tips on managing time so that the unexpected does not control you, and ideas for boosting your ability to focus and reduce distractions.
In this program, I will:
  • discover the distinction between multi-tasking, background tasking and switch-tasking.
  • learn how to prioritize and categorize what should be multi-tasked and what should not.
  • find out how to manage my time, my actions, and my emotions.
  • uncover techniques to avoid the frustration and stress that comes with changing priorities, last-minute requests and repetitive demands.
  • find strategies for maximizing my strengths and those of my team.
  • learn effective methods for allocating my time and breaking up my activities.
  • obtain tools and techniques to help me get more organized.
Sandy Geroux, WOWPLACE International, LLC
2:10 pm ET Break    
2:15 pm ET Desk Yoga Join us to learn breathing techniques and stretches that can be done at your desk, during a break or while relaxing at home. No special equipment or attire is needed; just come for a breather. Kara Price, Core Principles Louisville
2:45 pm ET Break     
2:50 pm ET How to Quickly Master the Skill of Minute Taking Most assistants take meeting minutes at some point during their careers – whether it is a regular responsibility or a one-time event. If you do not have a good system in place, it can make you dread taking meeting minutes. This session will help you learn how to create an effective system for drafting meeting minutes and gain a better understanding of the tools and habits that you need to do the task successfully.
I will learn about:
  • the three basic types of meetings that require minutes.
  • what to do before, during, and after a meeting.
  • the details to include (or not include) in my meeting minutes.
  • how to word my minutes so they make sense.
  • the difference between taking notes and recording business transacted.
  • sample documents to show me how to take minutes from start to finish!
Julie Perrine, All Things Admin
3:55 pm ET Closing    
Tuesday, June 29th    
1:00 pm ET Welcome    
1:05 pm ET Avoiding Burnout in a Hybrid World In our newly hybrid world people feel a constant demand to deliver, so they are either burning out or they are leaving their jobs, due to high stress and burnout. Michael Levitt will describe burnout, its signs, and other techniques to prevent burnout, with a focus on the work environment.
In this session, I will learn how to:
  • manage my time when working from the office and from home.
  • implement beneficial habits in my routine.
  • maximize self-care during my commute.
Michael Levitt, Breakfast Leadership, Inc.
2:10 pm ET Break    
2:15 pm ET Proactively Preparing for the Unexpected Job Search An unexpected job search can happen for any number of reasons. Get practical advice from a veteran admin who has successfully navigated the uncertainty of the executive turnover merry-go-round. Her key to success is to regularly invest time so that you have the tools in place when they are needed - tools like a robust professional social media presence, an updated resume, a portfolio detailing key accomplishments, and the ability to write a targeted cover letter.
This session will answer questions like:
  • If my boss leaves the company, what happens to me?
  • In the face of organizational changes, how do I ensure your company wants to keep me?
  • What do I do if a recruiter reaches out because they have seen my LinkedIn profile?
Katherine Margard, OhioHealth
3:20 pm ET Break    
3:25 pm ET Happy Hour Join us in a virtual toast to AHCAP and have some fun catching up with old and new friends!  


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the 2021 AHCAP Virtual Conference, please download the sponsorship brochure and contact Michelle Romero, director of marketing and sponsorship sales at or (502) 574-9036. Thank you to our incredible sponsors for their support of AHCAP and the Virtual Educational Conference. As of 5-13-21.
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BJC HealthCare           Washington State Hospital Association

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California Hospital Association          Mercy Health          Tennessee Hospital Association

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Hawaii Pacific Health
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Alabama Hospital Association
Kansas Hospital Association
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