Membership Information


Membership Types & Rates

  • For professionals who provide administrative support to executives and senior management in healthcare organizations such as hospitals, healthcare systems, associations, health plans, and any other organization with healthcare as their primary mission. Active members may hold committee and leadership positions.
  • For example, BJC HealthCare, Kansas Hospital Association, SSM Health System
  • For students actively participating in a 2-4 year degree-granting program in healthcare administration, with an anticipated graduation date. Student membership may be held for a maximum of four years.*Verification of enrollment status may be requested.
  • For professionals who previously held a Regular Membership but no longer qualify due to retirement from their qualifying position. Retired members may hold committee and leadership positions. 
  • For individuals and companies that support healthcare administrators or provide products or services to the healthcare industry at large. Associate members may be appointed to committees but may not hold leadership positions.
  • For example, FisherBroyles LLP, Passageways
Now, your organization can apply for Corporate membership in AHCAP and save! Corporate Members will receive a discount when 5 or more individuals are listed on their membership. Those individuals will have all the benefits of membership. For more information, click here.

All memberships are active for one year from the effective join date and must be renewed annually.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to federal anti-spam regulations, most member communications, including Notations e-magazine, monthly emails, surveys, and webinar and other announcements, are delivered via broadcast email through MailChimp. If your employer blocks email delivery from this type of broadcast email service, please log in to your member profile and change your email address to your home/personal address to ensure we are able to fulfill all your member benefits.


Focus on Healthcare

AHCAP focuses on just one industry – healthcare. That means an immediate kinship; every association member understands what impacts your work – the rapid pace, the industry lingo, the “I needed it yesterday” requests...
We respond to these needs by providing you, the healthcare administrative professional, with the tailored and specific education and tools you want and need.


  • At least six FREE webinars per year -- on general administrative topics like office technology, organization and time management PLUS pertinent and timely healthcare-related topics

  • An annual conference that is unmatched in relevance and value; time spent investing in your career and networking with peers

  • Notations electronic magazine with helpful administrative topics AND a healthcare focus in every issue

  • Tuition discounts with educational institutions to advance your education and keep your skills at their peak

Communication & Networking

No one knows better than a healthcare administrative professional that healthcare is an industry where change is constant – and therefore, communication is critical. AHCAP is committed to keeping its members in the know through a series of avenues:

  • Monthly emails to keep you informed about association news and benefits

  • An online Member Directory to find and connect with other members

  • Social media channels, including Facebook and LinkedIn where you can communicate and network with your colleagues in healthcare administration

  • An online members-only Discussion Forum where you can
    • Pose a question, like:
      • Does anyone have a template for a policy I can use?
      • Can someone help me craft a job description?

    • Ask for advice, such as:
      • Any recommendations for dealing with a difficult co-worker?
    • Post: I’m so glad I took the cHAP certification!

Professional Development, Leadership & Recognition

Only AHCAP understands your desire to be the very best healthcare administrative professional you can be – and that leadership, growth and recognition are important to you too! That’s why the Association offers several opportunities to continue your education and to showcase your skills:

  • Earn the Certified Healthcare Administrative Professional (cHAP) designation - the only administrative professional certification to verify your knowledge of regulatory and governance topics.

  • Participate in one or more of AHCAP’s standing committees to be a decision-maker, improve your leadership skills and network.

  • Become eligible to be nominated for the Award of Distinction, AHCAP's highest honor, awarded to one member each year for contributions and/or accomplishments that advance the profession of healthcare administrative support.

Career Assistance

  • Access to the AHCAP Job Bank -- search for jobs and/or post your resume

  • Networking with fellow members to find out about new job opportunities

The Value of AHCAP Membership…For You and Your Organization 

The Benefits You Want And Need:

Association for
Healthcare Administrative Professionals

Other Administrative Professional 

Value to AHCAP Members vs. 

An association completely focused on healthcare administrative professionals

No in-depth focus on healthcare 


Annual conference featuring administrative topics AND experts in healthcare

Speakers and topics vary

$100 if you attend the conference

Free webinars on administrative topics AND the latest news and trends in  healthcare

Typically $50 - $100 for other webinar offerings

$300+ if you attend all webinars

Certified Healthcare Administrative Professional Certification (cHAP) (discounted for members) 

No certifications focused on healthcare administrative professionals

$150 if you apply for certification

Job Bank – FREE to post a listing

Most online job listings exceed $200 

$200+ if you post one or more job listings

One year free membership after the loss of a job

Comparison information not available

$195 if you become unemployed

Tuition discounts with educational partners

Comparison information not available

Hundreds to thousands if you pursue continuing education

Annual Award of Distinction for excellence as a healthcare administrative professional

No recognition focused on healthcare administrative  professionals


Notations e-magazine that includes articles on increasing professional skills AND features on the healthcare industry

No in-depth focus on healthcare 


Conference scholarships

Comparison information not available

Amounts varied if you are selected