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In June, the Book Club will be reading “Be a Kickass Assistant: How to Get from a Grunt Job to a Great Career” by Heather Beckel. In addition to serving as George Stephanopoulos’ personal and executive assistant, Heather Beckel also spent three years as Director of Corporate Communications for Polo Ralph Lauren. If you would like to join members of the Education Committee in reading this book, please let Jeanne McAuliffe know. A general discussion has been set up on the AHCAP Discussion Board. 

Master the Matrix
7 Essentials to Getting Things Done in Complex Organizations 
by Susan Z. Finetry

Matrix roles are everywhere. The field customer contact person who has to work through a maze of resources to write contracts, negotiate delivery and troubleshoot product issues is in a matrix role. The product manager in Italy who is simultaneously accountable for numbers in her country, region and business unit despite the fact they are in conflict, is in a matrix role. And the HR person who reports to a globalized HR function, with a dotted line to the head of the business they support?  Yes, again a matrix role.

Master the Matrix:  7 Essentials for Getting Things Done in Complex Organizations is based on the experiences and ideas of over 100 matrix practitioners.

The Education Committee reads and reviews books regularly. If you are interested in contributing to a future book review, please email